ADAS Surprisingly Affects Windshield Repair Shops

Jul 28, 2019

With the emergence of ADAS driven cars, the job market is growing. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have made a considerable impact on people worldwide. While there is room for improvement, the impressive technology has surpassed expectations and brought out new and interesting problems to solve.

Driving can be dangerous. Even with all of these fancy and high-tech software being produced, it is very easy to find yourself in an accident. You can simply look down for too long or encounter a driver that is not paying attention. Although there have been significant advances when it comes to these systems, they still require human interaction.

One area that is going to need some extra repair and recalibration are windshields! This may be surprising, but it makes sense. Since the windows and windshields use camera and radar to detect potential hazards and lane changes, they need to be properly handled and cleaned.

Great Business For Windshield Repair Companies

Some of the fears that came with ADAS cars were the job cuts that may result because of the advanced technology. While this may still be a fear for some, it shouldn’t be. It is more likely that jobs will come and grow in abundance with the introduction of ADAS equipped cars 

These cars require skills that not everyone has. Since the windshields also contain built-in technology and hardware, they need to be handled carefully. Recalibrations must occur routinely in order for the potential damages auto glass to work properly. If the glass is not recalibrated properly then when the driver goes onto the road, they have a possibility of getting hurt as the technology malfunctions. 

Customers Will Have To Take Their Time

We live in a society where everything is fast. We rotate our tires and change our oil in a relatively quick time frame and go on with our day. With the introduction of ADAS cars, this is going to have to shift significantly.

Cars that have specialized ADAS technology are going to take longer to recalibrate, clean, and fix up when necessary. Smart windows are tricky and depending on the damage and situation can take up to three hours of repair.

 The cost is also going to increase. While cost is not directly linked to the time, it can be. Since the mechanics and experts are working harder and longer in order to maintain or repair the auto glass, the expenses and their rates can increase. 

Customers will not only have to take time repairing and maintaining their ADAS car, but they will have to really make the right decisions. If the auto glass is chipped or cracked, is it safer to replace the entire auto glass or repair the single damage point? This tough question is one that must be asked in order to facilitate the right course of repair.

 ADAS equipped cars are wonderful. They are used to ensure safety to the car, drivers, and the other cars on the road. While there are going to significant changes, they should not scare you away. Just keep in mind, if you purchase an ADAS vehicle, there will be a change in windshield maintenance.

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