Calibration CoPilot Standardizes Workflows, While Improving Documentation, Communication and the Management Processes 

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Calibration CoPilot™ creates a powerful and flexible end-to-end workflow platform where repairers, calibration centers and mobile calibration and diagnostic organizations conduct business and communicate, resulting in reduced costs, friction and paperwork while improving communication, data sharing and transparency.

The Calibration CoPilot™ platform delivers seamless data sharing, scheduling, communications, paperless documentation and automated invoicing. The customizable branding, workflow, QA and workflow checklists, service offerings, descriptions and pricing provide organizations with a personalized management, documentation and invoicing solution.


Dispatching Module:

Improve technician productivity
Improve dispatcher productivity
Improve customer service
Improve organizational profitability
Much more…
Integrated with customer portals, customer service requests, technician mobile apps, technician’s web portals, technician skill levels, local and regional markets and locations and more!
View by market, region or customer location
View by request status 
View individual request details
View technician assignments, skill levels, status and more
View technician location and distance via map
Allow multiple market to be managed by single dispatcher
Much more…

Mobile Apps

The Calibration CoPilot™ mobile apps provide unique workflows for businesses requesting calibration or diagnostic services and the organizations and personnel performing and delivering calibration and diagnostic services.

  • Users requesting services use their app to select RO’s that need calibration or diagnostic services, select the service they need and then schedule the day and time they need it. Users will also receive push notifications and text messages as the service progresses.
  • Organizations and personnel delivering calibration and diagnostic services use their app to view all incoming service requests, create workorders, and then complete the workflow created by the organization. As users complete the workflow on the app, a detailed report and invoice is created for the business that requested the service.

SaaS Web Portal: The Calibration CoPilot™ SaaS web portal also provides unique workflows for businesses requesting calibration or diagnostic services and the organizations and personnel performing and delivering calibration and diagnostic services.

The Calibration CoPilot™ SaaS Web Portal allows businesses of any size to manage, create and edit new and existing customers, app users, workflows, QA checklists, service offerings, descriptions and pricing, automated communications along with the ability to create schedules for locations, technicians, equipment and repair bays.

Single Platform and Ecosystem:  The Calibration CoPilot™ system architecture allows local, regional and national MSO’s, glass organizations, franchisees, and mobile organizations to conduct business and communicate on a single platform and easily add and manage new locations, customers and revenue streams while streamlining workflows, billing, reporting and more…

Image and Document Management: The Calibration CoPilot™ imaging and document management capabilities allow for image capture from the mobile apps as part of custom workflows as well as the ability to import or paste calibration or diagnostic reports from scan and diagnostic tools. The Calibration CoPilot™ platform provides each active subscriber with a minimum of 2 TB of data storage for images, PDF’s and other documentation.

Scheduling: The Calibration CoPilot™ scheduling system allows service providers to create and offer scheduling by technician, service type, equipment availability and/or repair bay. It does not matter if your business employs mobile technicians to perform calibrations and diagnostics on-site, has a dedicated bay and equipment for calibrations, you are a regional MSO franchise or you are a national MSO with calibration and diagnostic centers, the Calibration CoPilot™ scheduling system makes it easy to schedule services and easy to access and accept service schedule requests.

Customizable Workflows: The Calibration CoPilot™ workflow management system provides organizations with the ability to create custom workflow and documentation processes to meet their business and customer needs.  

The Best and Most Detailed Documentation: The Calibration CoPilot™ platform generates the industry’s best and most detailed calibration documentation. Each organization has the ability to customize what and how they want to document their calibration and other service processes. Each individual workflow process allows for image and file storage and automatically time and date stamps each process when it is completed by the calibration or mobile technician.

Detailed and Automated Invoicing: The Calibration CoPilot™ platform automatically generates and shares detailed invoices with your customers. There is no need to access another software platform to generate an invoice for your customer!

Automated Customer Estimates/Quotes: The Calibration CoPilot™ platform allows your customer to easily create an estimate or quote they may need to provide to their insurance company for approval! There is no need for anyone in your organization to create a quote or estimate for your customer!

The Calibration CoPilot™ platform is going to change the way ADAS calibrations and diagnostics are performed, managed and documented while improving revenue, communications and transparency and reducing expenses.

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